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Top 15 Water Based Horror Films

Top 15 Water Based Horror Films

It was a dialog from Dai and her not liking aquatic movies that prompted me to create this listing only for her. As I gathered probably the most notable titles on this space, I started to understand that there have been alot of water-based movies that I actually favored. The truth is, I’ll go as far to say as “favorites”. Although there’s a little bit of problem when making a purely aquatic record. That being the extent of water use within the movie. What capability, was the horror “water” or what’s within the water? All these little particulars that don’t all the time align.

So to maintain this record inside the “right” body of context, I’m going to name this concentrate on movies which are based round aquatic circumstances. That’s, the horror needs to be related to the water and used as a main location or theme. So as an example “Open Water” is nice instance, “Dark Water” however, has it in its title however was truly based mostly in an condominium. So water was used however not as the first theme of occasions. I feel the facet of a water movie is fairly clear. If I needed to listing each movie that had a lake in it, a cave with water or a physique of water close by, we’d find yourself with a by no means ending record.

I’ll prevent the train of itemizing each rattling shark movie, as there actually wasn’t however a hand full which are value mentioning. And sorry for old-fashioned followers, I discovered “The Creature From the Black Lagoon” sort of lame, so he will get moved off.

Right here is the opposite factor. Only a few of us, use the time period “aquatic” horror (as a search) in order that’s greatest left as an outline somewhat than a title. however in the event you choose “aquatic”, then have at it……liquid perhaps, nah

Not in rating order:

01- Jaws (1975)
(and it’s sequel franchise – give or take)
A mainstay in water based mostly movies. Nice use of rating and rigidity constructing. The shark was a bit tacky for right now’s requirements….although it nonetheless works as a shocker. Main kudos to the director (Steven Spielberg), Jaws will all the time have a particular place in peoples reminiscence as one of the crucial scary water movies ever made. It additionally motivated a cool journey at Common Studios. My youngsters won’t ever reside that have down.

02- Open Water (2003) (additionally had an element 2)
Undoubtedly not the most effective film on this listing, however its solely a water based mostly horror film about being stranded in open water whereas sharks and hunger add to the strain of being alone. I used to be reluctant so as to add this, however in case you are looking for 100% water horror, then this one has to go on the record. The film is shot cheaply, nevertheless it does hold issues tense for a very long time. For that alone, it does simply wonderful. It additionally will get kudos for an aggressive advertising marketing campaign that managed to promote alot of tickets on this considerably of a dud.

03-Piranha (1978) | Piranha (2010)
Okay, we received a basic and a profitable remake all centered round lake enjoyable and these man consuming little vixens of the ocean. Because the debut of Piranha 2010, there was phrase of a sequel already, most certainly adopted by one other sequel. I don’t know, I’m up for something that chews up Jerry O’Connell to the bone, although I don’t need to know what “a major tool” tastes like.

04- Deep Blue Sea (1999)
One of many cooler shark films. Actually Samuel L. Jackson will get chomped…value costs of admission alone. Some didn’t look after CGI sharks, however with its robust forged, this film has been a frequent re-watch for me. I does the perfect it may well for what the movie entails. Definitely a greater shark film than many and water is round 24-7.

05- Under (2002)
A singular B film that stunned a couple of viewers with a reasonably strong storyline. There’s not alot to take a look at, however the presence is felt as this crew begins to return undone on the oceans flooring. A delicate however efficient ghost story that’s set inside a 1943 submarine.

06- Sphere (1998)
A superb hybrid of sci fi and horror. The underwater thriller approaches issues bit totally different with some distinctive plot twists and using nice visuals. As a horror movie, the easiest way to explain this one is just spooky. Sphere goes past an “Alien” type premise and actually engages the viewer into an mental expertise. It has survived as long as a selection due its potential to interact with out spelling all the things out for you.

07- Leviathan (1989)
An older monster basic for the water entrance. It is probably not as hip as new know-how movies, nevertheless it typically is talked about sufficient to be a favourite on the water entrance horror facet. “Levianthan took the place of “Alien” in an underwater type. This mutation would later encourage filsm like “Deep Rising” and such. I feel Leviathan was one of many entrance runenrs that was thought-about an efficient deep sea horror movie.

08- Black Water (2007)
A terrifying story of survival within the mangrove swamps of Northern Australia

Okay, think about you’re on a canoe journey tour into the huge swamps of Northern Australia, then an enormous crocodile decides to terrorize you and everybody else. Water all over the place, a couple of timber to climb into. Not excellent odds. Oh ya, your boat is capsized and the crocodile is aware of that he’s received you in the event you go for it. What do you do? I might poke him with a stick until he will get so irritated that he strikes on….. properly, i might! Oh ya, this crocodile can leap into the air fairly properly… I discovered this far more tense than the movies “Rogue” and “Lake Placid”

09- Deep Rising (1998)
Deep tentacle sea monsters emerge from the water and into this misplaced ship that was taken over by highjackers. This one makes use of cgi however good cgi that works higher than 100 movies I’ve seen taking this strategy. It’s kind of a fan favourite that ship fairly good motion, warfare towards bizarre sea monsters and a few tasty kill moments as well.

10- Anaconda (1997) –  (it had numerous sequels, however #1 was greatest)
Primarily a snake film, however the horror additionally comes from a continuing interplay with the native river and what’s going to come out subsequent. There wasn’t t a single second that a viewer might say, now s a protected time to enter the water. One imply gigantic snake terrorizes this expedition. a worry that all of us share. Whereas the snake was the antagonist, the water represented the unknown. The type tats we need to keep away from. Sorry to those that hated this one, I actually although it was cool snake and water thrills.

11- Triangle (2009)
Havoc on open seas, this surreal movie performs a pleasant head journey with time based mostly occasions. You simply should see it to get the complete gist. The synopsis goes like this: “story revolves around the passengers of a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean who, when struck by mysterious weather conditions, jump to another ship only to experience greater havoc on the open seas.” One in every of my favs from this listing.

12- Mega Shark vs Big Octopus (2009)
You’ll hate to like this one, however you simply need to. The entrance runner within the big monster movie resurgence. Asylum simply hit the mark on this one stirring up all types of future loopy gigantic creatures. The movie skips forwards and backwards between cool water CGI moments and tacky set decor. My eight yr loves this movie….simply saying.

13- The Deep (1977)
A pair of younger vacationers are concerned in a harmful battle with treasure hunters once they uncover a means right into a lethal wreck in Bermuda waters. This falls into one of many unique deep water terror rides. Haitian black magic, treasures, and morphine…oh my.

14- Dagon (2001)
An H.P Lovecraft story that’s actually weird. Directed by Stuart Gordon, this film ranks simply in one among my fav HP films a few group who turns into shipwrecked on Imboca. The locals have deserted Christianity and have given themselves to the god Dagon.  On this course of they have additionally taken on numerous fish-like deformities ending on a climax of unusual denizens and fishy tentacle sporting townsfolk. Simply test it out, enuff stated – ” We will dive down via black abysses, and in that lair of the Deep Ones, we will dwell amidst marvel and glory for ever.”

15- Ghost Ship (2002)
C’mon now…Ghost Ship was lot of enjoyable. I particularly appreciated the intro clothesline beheading myself. Whereas it fails to ship all throughout the board, it nonetheless manages to few a number of worthy scares. It’s said as “not” being associated to the 1952 movie sporting the identical identify. It is also to not be confused with “Death Ship”. There was a small interval that appeared to have particular curiosity in boat films, this was certainly one of them.

Ghost Ship 2002 Movie


2 Favorites that aren’t actually categorized underneath the horror style:

The Good Storm (2000)
This has obtained to be my favourite raging seas epic. Mark Wahlberg simply merely works on this out to sea motion movie. Although I need to say the specter of these mammoth tidal waves at middle of countless ocean and a storm nonetheless haunts me to this present day. Nice Results and visuals make this a harrowing journey.

The Abyss (1989)
What an ideal movie. You bought pressure, sci fi, aliens, disaster and an award profitable efficiency in forged drama on this one. The horror comes later within the paranoia of the deep sea and being down for therefore lengthy. I feel even in its motion and drama moments it efficiently builds a sluggish grind of terror. Think about having to breathe in liquid oxygen and the weird results it will have on you.


The next are further water based mostly movies, that contain water in numerous capacities. Good Storm was added, since huge waves coming at you’re rattling scary!

Particular Point out:
Alligator (1980)
Barracuda (1978)
Beneath Nonetheless Waters (2005)
Creepshow 2 (1987)(The Raft episode)
Crocodile (2000)
Cyclone (1978)
Lifeless Calm (1989)
Dying Ship (1980)
Deep Star Six (1989)
Frankenfish (2004)
Humanoids From the Deep (1980)
Lake Lifeless (2007)
Lake Placid (1999)
Misplaced Voyage (2001)
Man-Factor (2005)
Orca (1977)
Purple Water (2003)
Sanctum (2011) (journey, although alot of water elements)
Shark Night time 3D (2011)
Shockwaves (1977)
Swamp Factor (1982)
The Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954)
The Deep (1977)
The Fog (1980)
The Island (1980)
The Reeds (2009)
The Reef (2010)
The Rift (1990)
Virus (1999)
Zombie Lake (1981)

Missed some? Be happy to listing your fav water based mostly films under!

Top 15 Water Based Horror Films